Our Hilary term show will be Patience! 25th-27th February at St Barnabas Church, Jericho. Buy your ticket here.

Fashion. Glamour. Romance.

A new vogue sweeps England. Flamboyance renders talent obsolete, vanity replaces restraint, and poets become heartthrobs. They soon learn, however, that fame isn’t everything…

Gilbert and Sullivan’s Patience is the original skewering of all things chic, trendy and faddish. When the æsthetic poet Bunthorne falls for the beautiful Patience, he is devastated to find her indifferent to his affectations. His fluctuating fortunes and her search for love weave a tale that is poignant as often as it is ridiculous, finding affection beneath the cracked veneer of the latest mode. With Gilbert’s razor sharp lyrics and Sullivan’s timeless tunes, it packs a punch with both its wit and surprising tenderness.

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