Lord High Executioner
(President): Richard Douglas

Richard joined the society in Michaelmas 2015, when he directed the music for The Gondoliers, and stuck around long enough for the society to trap him into a committee role. Rumoured to be the biggest drinker in the society, whilst Richard is not engaging the questionable antics of the society, he takes part in the perhaps even more questionable pursuit of a degree in music

Public Exploder (Secretary): Phoebe Mansell

Phoebe is an English student at Oriel and joined the society when she performed in the Freshers’ show of The Gondoliers. She quickly caught the G&S bug and somehow managed to get involved in every show from then, both performing and choreographing. Phoebe loves singing, dancing and gin which means she fits well in the society, and her extremely neat handwriting earned her this place on the committee.

Grand Inquisitor (Treasurer): Minh Tran

[Also Well-known Costumier (Costumes)]


Minh joined the society on a whim at the 2010 Fresher’s Fair, and she’s as surprised as you are to realise how long she’s been in it for. If not for the heart-wrenching ballads of Sullivan, or the abundant innuendoes by Gilbert, she’s probably stayed for the gin-fuelled socials and raucous singing into the night. She’s well-known as the easily persuaded one, especially under the influence of alcohol, and hence has been swayed, nay, coerced, into many productions. She has been a chorus girl, an MD, a principal, *the* piano monkey, and now to complete the collection, a committee member. One does wonder if her DPhil in Chemistry will pan out.

Assistant Tormentor (Librarian): Franziska Kohlt

Bio coming soon

Professor of Abstract Science (IT & Publicity): Helena Cotterill

Helena is a 1st year DPhil student in Atmospheric Physics and has been in the society ever since she started her undergraduate Physics degree here in Michaelmas 2012 – they just can’t seem to get rid of her! Over the many years, she has taken on the role of performer, violinist, musical director (twice), librarian and secretary, and now the role of IT officer, which is probably the most relevant to her degree out of all of them.

Boatswain’s Mate (Social): tbd