Lord High Executioner
(President): Helena Cotterill

Helena first joined the society in Michaelmas 2012 and has, after all these years, finally accepted the inevitable and become president of this esteemed group. During her time, she has also taken on the role of performer, violinist, musical director (twice), librarian, secretary AND IT officer – you might really say she is a ‘slave of duty’! When not engaged in G&S related shenanigans, she does find some time to work on her DPhil in Atmospheric Physics, of which she is now in her 2nd year.

Public Exploder (Secretary): Tucker Drew

Tucker first joined the society this year, and started his membership with a bang by directing the 2017 Michaelmas Show Ruddigore. Baptized in the world of G&S by his American grandfather, it has taken him far less than 21 birthdays to find his way onto the committee. While not trying to sing songs he doesn’t know the lyrics of, Tucker can be found reading for a BA in Philosophy and Linguistics..

Grand Inquisitor (Treasurer): Vacant

Well-known Costumier (Costumes): Vacant

Assistant Tormentor (Librarian): Vacant

Professor of Abstract Science (IT & Publicity): Helena W

Helena has been a member of the society since she came up to Oxford in 2013 but has only this year reached the dizzying heights of committee membership. She has enjoyed playing a number of roles (Ruth in Ruddigore MT13, Pitti-Sing in The Mikado HT14, Fleta in Iolanthe HT15, and Kate in The Pirates of Penzance MT16) as well as participating in the chorus of several more.

Boatswain’s Mate (Social): Aversa Sheldon

Biography coming soon